Automating Gridding of Geotiffs and creating .ini files

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I have a significant number of admiralty charts in geotiff format which I need to export to jpeg and grid to 2048 x 2048 pixels and also produce a .ini file in the process which is headed and finished with the file name.

the .ini file needs to look something like this: FILENAME, SCALE, CO-ORDS, FILEPATH, FILENAME, NEW.INI

I need to export these individually as each one is of varying scale and location.

I have managed to create a .ini file once but I cant figure out how I did it! sorry i'm very new to global mapper!

I'm desperately trying to somehow automate this process as I at the moment I am using another program and having to run each one through individually!

Apologies if there is something similar on here already but I couldn't find it.


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    You can use the File->Batch Convert/Reproject menu command to batch convert your GeoTIFF files into JPEGs and use the Gridding button to specify to grid them out to 2048x2048 pixel cells. There is not however a way to create the .ini files directly. You can create various header formats, like a world file (.jgw) that could easily be re-formatted into an .ini file by some external process. There just isn't a way to create the .ini directly in Global Mapper.


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    Thanks for that - I will have to see what I can find to alter the world file.
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