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Moving Location of elevation data

aaristar Global Mapper User
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I have a rather odd problem. I've received some very good elevation data, but the location is completely wrong. Somehow it thinks it's a thousand miles northeast of where it actually is. Is there any way to fix this... for example by moving it to the right place? This doesn't seem like something GM was designed to do, but I really do not want to throw away such good data. I have no replacement. Does anyone have a suggested fix?

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  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited March 2013
    Were you prompted for a projection when loading the data? If so, that is the most likely culprit for the problem. Make sure you are selecting the projection that the coordinates for the file are in. If you aren't being prompted, it's possible that the wrong one is being automatically selected. If that is the case, go to the Projection tab of the Options dialog for the layer and correct the projection interpretation.

    Assuming none of that works, you can always right-click on the layer in the Control Center and select the option to Reposition the layer to manually reposition the layer with control points.


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