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Las to shapefile or MapInfo format in 14.1

jaymoore1234 Global Mapper User
edited March 2013 in Elevation Data

I just updated GM 14 to 14.1 and cannot Batch or Export LAS/LAZ files to Shp or TAB formats.

Any chance this function can be added back in? If not, is there a link to downgrade to 14 from 14.1?




  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited March 2013

    Have no fear, I've enabled Lidar point export to MapInfo TAB files and also made batch conversion of Lidar point clouds to Shapefiles work again. Note I wouldn't recommend sending huge numbers of points (i.e. tens of millions) to either format as they aren't very efficient for storing that kind of data. I have placed a new build at with the latest changes for you to try. Simply download that file and extract the contents into your existing v14.xx installation folder to give it a try. If you are using the 64-bit v14 version there is a new build at .


    Global Mapper Guru
  • jaymoore1234
    jaymoore1234 Global Mapper User
    edited March 2013

    Just tested the updated version and it works!

    We use lidar in SHP and TAB formats in small chunks, usually less than 100mb LAS files. If we do get larger lidar data sets, we grid them into smaller chunks through GM. Either way, GM is my preferred method of handling and converting Lidar data thanks to it's ease of use and multitude of options.

    Also, very impressed with the quick response. Your hands on CS is a rare thing for a software company these days. That commitment will no doubt continue to build a strong and loyal customer base. Thank you!

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