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reordering a mapinfo based vector layer in GM

AllanR Global Mapper User
edited February 2013 in Technical Support

I have reset the configuration to set layer orders but seem to be missing something?

I have opened a mapinfo table into GM and wish to either make the mapinfo geology layer transparent or place it under the existing (geotiff) raster digital elevation model to view it softly in the background through the partially transparent dtm.

At the moment no matter what I do the geology stays very strong on top and obscures evrything under neath.



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited February 2013

    By default vector layers are ordered based on the type, and all vector layers are drawn on top. You can change this on the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog using 'Vector Display Order During Draw' setting. Changing this causes the layer order to be the overriding factor.


    Global Mapper Guru
  • AllanR
    AllanR Global Mapper User
    edited February 2013
    Thanks Mike,

    The problem turned out to be me not realizing that the file on the top of the list is at the bottom of the drawing layers - opposite to what I am used to - so no matter what I set it could not work because it never occurred to me that the order was opposite.

    I had found the configuration settings on the forum but not the order of drawing bit.

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