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polygon name from point

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I have unnamed polygons which is in the points(named) , I know that I add attributes from points to area but how can I add name of the points to as area name?



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    You can use the CALC ATTR from the Control Center /Right click on yhe layer.
    First put the name of your attribute / In "Source Attribute" let Feature Name / in "Opreration" let Copy Source Attribute to New Attribute. After you add atrributes from points to area.
  • global_mapper
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    If you select the areas of interest you can right-click and select the Attribute submenu command to copy the attributes from points inside the area to the areas. Then you will have the point attributes in the areas and can make those the display label.


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    I think there is not this option in 13 , it copies all attributes except of feature name in 13, but using CALC ATTR is more guickly and solid because there are polygons and points too much
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