Global Mapper v25.0

Custom ellispoid and datum creates text files

oic_chris Global Mapper User
edited February 2013 in SDK
Aloha Mike!

Mahalo again for your awesome support of GlobalMapper SDK!

This issue originates from the concept of using GlobalMapper SDK as a passive tool. Passive in the sense, our application will be handling all states, and we would like the SDK to not persist anything beyond its lifetime (application runtime). That said, creating custom ellipsoid (GM_AddCustomEllipsoid) and datum (GM_AddCustomDatum), causes custom_ellipsoids.txt and custom_datums.txt to be created upon application exit. It may seem inconvenient, recreating the customs upon each instantiation of the DLL, but it would be a better well known state upon launch.

Would you be able to add an option to not create any files or serializations of the SDK's state?


P.S. By the way, when is the next SDK version launching?