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3D Profile Veiwer

Sam L
Sam L Global Mapper User
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Hi GM Guru,

I have a query about the 3D viewer once a I have loaded some data. I have a 3D line profile and a 3D terrain surface. The 3D profile has the same elevation values as the terrain. In the path profile/line of sight view, the values and profiles match as expected. However, when I turn on 3D view the 3D line appears to be underneath the terrain rather than sticking to the surface? (see attched JPEG)

The reason I am questioning this 3D veiwer is because ideally I would like to have two surfaces represented in 3D viewer. Bathymetry surface on top, with the bedrock layer below. As it is not possible to view two terrain surfaces I thought I could do this with Bathymetry as the terrain, and a 3D path profile representing depth to bedrock along a particular cable route. In the 2D path profile viewer this works very well. But when turing on the 3D viewer Im questioning the accuracy of the 3D path profile beneath the terrain because of what I see in my query above.

Any advice or opinion would be very helpful.

Many thanks,

Sam L