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I've got a skp file that includes the shell and elevator shafts for a multi-story building. These import nicely into GM and are geo-referenced.

This is a tall building that tapers as elevation rises and I need to generate floor shapes for each floor which include the outer shell of the building and elevator shafts which are included in the model. Basically I need to cut horizontal planes through the model at known elevations (each floor) and create shapes for the outer wall/elevator shaft at each elevation.

I expect this is some combination of creating a tin model and then slicing it horizontally with horizontal planes (sort of like water level contours) but I'm not sure. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I've tried a few things but I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance


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    You could do something where you select all of your area features with the Digitizer Tool and right-click then select the Analysis/Measurement submenu option to calculate elevation stats for the areas. You should then have MIN_ELEV and MAX_ELEV (as well as some slope) attributes for each area from the 3D vertex elevations. Then right-click on the layer in the Control Center and select to split by attribute and split on one of the elevation values so you have separate layers for each elevation/floor in the file. You can then turn them on and off separately.


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    That works great and I thank you.

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