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Uniformise RGB colors on raster files

RobertR GlobalMapper Fan!Trusted User
edited February 2013 in Raster Data
Hello all,

I worked with several raster files and the "Create Area Features from Equal Values" really comes in handy here.

I have a problem though when on the raster file I have several variations on practically the same color (slight variations of the RGB like in the attached image);

As you can see, I have the 255,146,151 RGB and using a Maximum Match Distance of 6 it only covers the shown area. Is there a way to somehow interpolate the RGB to have the same color inside the black boundary? Basically, I would like to select the entire pink area, then the orange one and so on. I tried to grow the maximum match distance but it provides pretty much the same result.


Is there a way to obtain a better result? Maybe doing some processing on the TIFF file?

Thank you.


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