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Setup Attribute Calculation window

RobertR GlobalMapper Fan!Trusted User
edited January 2013 in Suggestion Box
Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't it be better if the window would remain open until you chose to close it?

I use this tool often and almost every time, I have several operations to do on the attribute table. The thing is that after I enter a definition and press OK, it shows me the number of attributes modified and then it pop's out. To do the next thing with CALC ATTR, I need to open it again and again as many times as I need to add/modify the values of a column (or more).

I think it would be great it an option to "keep the CALC ATTR window open for multiple operations" would appear in the checklist under the General TAB - Configuration. When checked, it would remain open until you chose to close it.

In this way, a user could do all the alterations on the attribute table without needing to open the command several times.

Thank you,


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