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Elevations in map catalog

Ice Age Mark
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When I'm exporting GMTED2010 tiles to .gmg format to use in a map catalog, GM prompts me to save in "deci"-units to avoid terracing because the .gmg stores elevations as whole integers. But when I load these files into a map catalog and open it, GM seems to interpret those elevations as whole units, giving an incorrect display. When I export in whole meters, everything is fine. This also brings up a spin-off question. At what resolution do I need to worry about "terracing" and exporting in "deci"-units? (This stuff is only at 7.5 second resolution.) Is something wrong with the map catalog interpreting elevation units, or should I just be exporting as whole elevation units except for very flat, or very high resolution, elevation data? [V 14.1 B011813]




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