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displaying global mapper data on android phones with GPS positioning?

landrover Global Mapper User
edited January 2013 in How I use Global Mapper
Hi from Michigan,

I'm sure this question is asked regularly in the forum. Perhaps someone can refer me to a previous discussion with answers.

I've been using global mapper since version 8 to map trails, soil types, boundary lines, and various other features. Now I've finally got a smart phone (Note 2) with a great screen, gps, etc. I'd like to finally experience my maps in the field with the map oriented by GPS. Most of my map data is in KMZ now because GE has been my go to viewer.

It appears I can only use google maps for this purpose if my data is public. I can diplay my KMZ files in the android version of GE but it doesn't seem to update the GPS location.

Is there something I'm missing with GE or Google maps or is there another android app that will do what I'm talking about?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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