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lines from tiles showing on 3D grid

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Just checking to see if there is any possible way to avoid having these lines from the individual data tile borders show up in my 3D grid. The data was in xyz format.

Here is the link to the xyz files:

Projection Info: It had a nominal point spacing of 1.2 meters and the data was in feet so I translated that to 3.9 feet. State Plane, Illinois East FIPS 1201, NAD83, US Feet, Feet. Here's the XML file that came with the data.

These are the settings I used (you can click on images for larger view):



This is what the 3D grid turned out like, you will notice the lines from the tile borders.


If you can help, thanks so much.


  • global_mapper
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    If you load all of the XYZ files as 'Point Only' data first, then select them all in the Control Center, right-click, then select to create an elevation grid, you can grid them all together rather than separately, which should eliminate the seams.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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