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need help on rectification

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hello all. it's a noopy post however help is required
I am so new to global mapper, in fact I wouldn't even use it if it wasn't in my curriculum
so the whole problem is I don't know how to rectification
here is a photo that explain what I need to know
so there is four point and for each point there must be an X and Y . I just don't know what to write in these fields


  • global_mapper
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    Those fields would be the lat/lon locations on the map associated with each point that you clicked. I'm guessing your map probably has a collar which shows the latitude and longitude values for grid lines cutting through the map, so in the middle view zoom in and click on one of those grid line intersections to provide the pixel X and Y coordinates, then enter the associated latitude and longitude values, then press 'Add Point to List'. Repeat for a few other points of known location, then press OK.


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  • agentaltair47
    agentaltair47 Global Mapper User
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    Thanx a lot for your respond that was s helpful
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