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GM14 and plotting ability

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Hi Mike,

For the suggestion box:

I have a confession to make, I use GM14 for just about everything except for plotting. I completely compile my charts within GM14 only to in the end screen capture the chart to a large *tiff file which I import into another program for plotting.

I'm not sure if I should mention the name of the 'other program' here but it is the best program to create the final charts with in a few simple steps:
  1. Select a predetermined paper size (ISO A1 is a favourite with me)
  2. This brings up a rectangle representing the A1 ouline
  3. Adjust the scale, this adjust the scale 'on screen' so you can see what part of your screen is going to be plotted
  4. Drag the outline over your screen until you've captured what you want to plot and
  5. Plot!

I've tried a number of times to plot with GM14 but found that too cumbersome and difficult to follow.

Other then that, still learning everyday and finding more handy ways to use it. Great software without rival!




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    There are certainly a lot of things that can be improved in GM in regards to plotting and we will eventually get there with those. One thing you might try is exporting a PDF from Global Mapper as you can choose your paper size, DPI, and also scale if you want when doing the PDF export. You can then just print that PDF file if you need to.


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