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Vector legend improvements

dcoggin Global Mapper UserTrusted User
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It would be nice to have a couple of added features on the Map Legend:

- Add the ability to filter by layers. The way I work I generally need that much more than by type.
- Add check all/clear all selections for the filters
- Seems harder, but it would be nice to have a way to increase the size in the legend for small point features. I often show overview coverage of bathymetric data sets using user-defined 1 pixel dot features. They look good in the overview, but of course don't show up in the legend. A larger size for small features or maybe a user-defined "draw a box" where the user picks an area on the screen for the sample in the legend would be very nice.
- (Bonus points) Add the ability to remove the user-defined types in the filters. I have things showing up that I are only used in a few cases, but there are a lot of them. A lot of these came from AutoCAD dwg, dxf, or dgn imports which seem to automatically add their types.

Thanks for a great product and great support.



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited November 2012

    You can right-click on the type filters for the legend to get options to clear/set all. There is also an option in the Advanced section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog to control whether or not new types are added for the layers from DXF/DWG files. I'm guessing you maybe have that checked which is where all the types are coming from.

    I can add the other things to the todo list. We do eventually plan to add a lot more Map Layout functionality, including further legend enhancements.


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  • dcoggin
    dcoggin Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited November 2012
    Thanks Mike for the instructions on the clear/set all. I hadn't noticed that. I did have the import types from dxf/dgn checked. Unchecking it will help. Yes, making the Map Layout in general and legend in particular more powerful would really help when we get to the report stage.

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