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how can i fill color in features in shp file?

mg.srikanth Global Mapper User
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I have converted the line features, area features and point features of a DGN into different shapefiles using Global Mapper 11 application, I am using them in our application which we are developing using SDK v13.
How can i draw different area features in the shapefile/DGN in different color shades? (for example: Forest area with green shade, river in blue, etc., different geographic features in different colors).



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited November 2012
    You would just use GM_SetAreaFeatureDrawStyle to set the draw style for individual area features to whatever you want based on the attributes for the layer. Or if your features are classified you could use GM_SetAreaFeatureClassDrawStyle to just set the default style for a particular type.

    One other approach if you are always using the same data files is to get the styled how you want in Global Mapper 11 and save them to a Global Mapper Package (GMP) file rather than a Shapefile since the GMP file has all of the style information built in, so you would just load it in the SDK and all of the styles would be there.


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  • mg.srikanth
    mg.srikanth Global Mapper User
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    Thank u Mike.
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