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distribution issue on seven premium

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Hi Mike,

I have installed my application, which relies on GM SDK 13.1 on a brand new PC running Windows Seven Premium 64 bits. My application is 32 bits, as well as the GM DLL.
When running my application I had the message
"the application was unable to start correctly...".

This was due to missing vc90.MFC redist installed on the PC.

Having the "mfc90.dll" file in the globalmapperinterface library seems not to be enough, as MS Manifest things try to find the appropriate files in the winsxs system directory.

This is not a big deal for me, as I'll set up the appropriate vcredist with my application, but I though it was worth telling you.



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    You have to install the vc90 redistributable along with the SDK in your application installer to make sure those libraries are there and in the correct location. If you see the 'what_to_distribute.txt' file in the 'doc' folder of the SDK it should provide links to the merge modules to add to your application installer if they aren't already built in (i.e. like in Installshield).


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