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Can I get array of ground X and Y values in LOS

mg.srikanth Global Mapper User
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I was able to get the array of (1024) elevation points in LOS, like wise can I get array of (1024) ground X and ground Y values corresponding to elevation points using GM_GetPathProfileLOS() function call?

I tried using GM_GetPathProfileLOS to get those points but failed to do so.

I also tried to get the points using range and bearing function to calculate second point upto 1024th point using SDK functions along the path of LOS but, my last point and actual end point which i gave input to GM_GetPathProfileLOS are not matching.
Can anyone help me in finding those points?

Can i calculate slope and gradient using SDK?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited November 2012
    The elevation samples are evenly spaced between the start and end point. So just calculate the delta X and Y from the start and end points that you provide to the GM_GetPathProfileLOS function, then divide that by the sample count - 1 to get the X and Y delta for each point. Then you can easily calculate the X and Y for each point by adding the appropriate number of deltas to the start X and Y.

    For the slope, if you know the X and Y points and the elevations you can easily calculate the distance between them and the resulting slope caused by a change in Z.


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  • mg.srikanth
    mg.srikanth Global Mapper User
    edited November 2012
    Thank you Mike for suggestion, otherwise i was trying to calculate the next point using range and bearing which was not giving accurate result. Now i could get x and y values with delta value which is giving correct result when i tested.
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