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How to avoid flickering in display?

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I am using Global Mapper SDK for developing a GIS app, i have loaded 4 layers and displayed it but, when i try to zoom-in/out, when i write a program to move a user defined point feature on the map then my map display is flickering and my point feature is not freely moving on the display. I want to have seamless rendering/display of map data with out any flicker whenever i move a point and zoom-in/out on map.
Is there any limitation of SDK for loading and rendering of GIS data?
How can i avoid such flicker on the display?
Is there any procedure to do so?
Please help me to resolve this problem using global mapper SDK to get impressive seamless display of any number of layers loaded.



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    You need to use the age-old rendering technique of double-buffering. The C++ sample application should do this for you automatically if you use the GM_MapWindow class. Basically you just do your rendering to a background bitmap then BitBlt that to the display once the render is done. Also you can make sure not to erase the background of your display at the start of the draw, otherwise you will get a blank view while the render happens. Just blank out your background bitmap, render to it, then BitBlt that into the map display area and you should have no flicker.


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