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Does GP 14 supportes Unicode UTF-8 for shapefiles?

Thanks, Manuel.


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    Yes, you can load Shapefiles with UTF-8 in them. There is an option in the Advanced section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog labeled 'Shape/DBF Format: Convert UTF-8 Text on Import' that if checked will cause UTF-8 text to be detected and converted to your current code page on import.

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    Where did this feature go to in V16?
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    Where did this feature go to in V16?

    We have expanded support for code pages. Once you have loaded a layer, you can set the code page to be used for attributes and labels from the Overlay Control Center:

    - Select your layer
    - Click the Options button
    - On the Feature Types/Labels/Elevations tab of the Vector Options dialog, use the list under "Label/Attribute Language" to choose the correct code page.
    - Click OK to apply the change and update the display.


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