Coordinate trouble with importing ASCII point file

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When I import an ascii csv file, the points appear in the wrong place. The Lat/Long values in the file are correct, and I have selected the correct order in the import dialog box. (I've tried several times...)

When I hover over my existing data, the cursor shows the correct values for location coordinates - this data is appearing in the lower right of my screen), BUT when I hover over my new data it also shows the correct values - and they are in the same range of locations, but they do not post in the same place - new data appears in the upper left. Even though, as I said, the cursor-hover shows both as being correct.

Any ideas?



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    How far off of the correct location is the data? Are perhaps the latitude and longitude swapped? If so then that would be controlled on import by the coordinate order option. Also what projection/datum did you select for the data when loading it.


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    I think I figured it out - pesky minus sign got lost somewhere along the way.
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