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migrating GM customization files

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I am having to transfer all my software and data from an old Vista machine to a newer Win 7 one. Global Mapper itself caused no installation difficulties, but I'm stumped trying to find where the custom line, point, and area styles and other custom items (shaders, for one example) are stored on the Vista machine and where they ought to be placed on the Win 7 machine in order for GM to recognize them. (Please don't tell me I have to use REGEDIT or deal with this @#$%& registry in any way! Please?). For what it's worth I'm still at version 13; I'm having enough trouble migrating what I already have without adding complications from upgrades. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Most of the custom types are in .txt files in the folder listed on the Help->About dialog. Just copy all of the files in that folder on your Vista machine to the folder listed in GM on Windows 7 (make sure to close GM before copying the files) and those should be picked up. You can get your styles for non-custom types by right-clicking on the type list on the Area Styles, Line Styles, and Point Styles tab of the Configuration dialog and save a .gm_style file. Then load it for each tab on the new machine. There is also a way using 'regedit' but I'll spare you that :)


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    I have lost my attributes to custom point, line, and area styles. When I open the saved gm_style file, I can see them there, but when I "load style from file" the attributes don't show up. I have changed user accounts, could that be the problem? How do I fix it?
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    Custom feature types are stored in "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\GlobalMapper", so if you changed to a different user account, you would need to move the old files to the new account. The custom area types are in a file called "custom_area_types.txt", and the files for lines and points are named similarly. After you have moved the files, start Global Mapper to read them.

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    Thanks, with a reboot, that worked.
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