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Cropping one raster to the same extent as another

Hans van der MaarelHans van der Maarel Global Mapper UserPosts: 14
edited February 2008 in Raster Data

I've got a question regarding cropping rasters. I sometimes have to crop raster A to the extents of raster B, so what I do is:
- Load both of them
- Write down the extents of raster B
- Export raster A and enter the extents of B in the bounds tab

This works just fine, but I was wondering whether there's a better option.


  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Posts: 306Unconfirmed
    edited February 2008

    What I would do is

    1) create a new area feature that matches the extents of Raster B by using the digitizer tool.
    2) unload raster B using the control overlay center
    3) Using the feature information button - the "i" on the toolbar select that newly created area feature
    3) Now export your data. Select--->"file" ---->"export raster"---file type and then look on the export bounds tab. The last option says to crop to selected area features. Select that and BINGO! Perfect.

    Would you like a tutorial? I started making one for this question a minute ago but let's just say my 10 month old doesn't understand "quiet on the set" yet :)
  • Hans van der MaarelHans van der Maarel Global Mapper User Posts: 14
    edited February 2008
    Thanks, I'll give that a try. I guess the tricky bit is making sure the vector feature is snapped *exactly* to the extents of raster B. But then again, I can alter my workflow to incorporate a bounding-box vector file and crop all my rasters to that.
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