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animated drivers viewshed.

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I would like to use mapper to create an animated viewshed showing the view from a driver on a road at specific speeds. This would help to identify locations for potential development without disturbing views of scenic roads or trails.
I could compile a series of raster outputs of the viewsheds in a video editor, but I wanted to know is there a way to move the viewshed along a path by telling it the speed of the vehicle


  • global_mapper
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    You could automate the creation of a bunch of view shed by creating the path line, then selecting it with the Digitizer Tool, right-clicking, then selecting the Advanced Feature Creation submenu option to create points spaced along the line. You can specify the spacing of the points, then once created select them and create view sheds at each point location automatically. This would give you a large collection of view shed layers to turn on and off.


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