Incorrect ( larger ) number of segments in shapes imported in GM v13

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Hi all,

today discovered problems while importing shape data into GM v13.2 ( registered ).
For example,
have shape file with 2019595 segments, and when import that file into GM the number of segments "grow" to 2055380 segments (!)
The number of "added" segments correspond to the number of segments in input shape file, the larger the input file the larger is the number of added segments.
I have 8 files which want to merge in GM ( import all and export as single file ) and number of segments grow from 2367841 to 2427540 - the GM added 59699 segments to output file.
Later on merged those same files in Arcview and everything were ok, no additional segments in output file.


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    This is likely due to some of the segments in the shape file actually being groups of features. In Shapefiles and Arc you can have multiple lines/areas grouped together as one "feature" with the same attributes. When you load that in Global Mapper those grouped features are treated as separate features and counted as such. So if you had a Shapefile with a single area group consisting of 5 separate polygons, that would count as 1 in Arc but 5 in Global Mapper. The geometry and attribution are the same, just how they are counted is different.


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