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I am working with GM v. 13.2. I am compiling images of seismic time slices and loading them as layers in GM. I would like to assign elevations (the time slice depth values - I know, I know - time vs depth blah, blah, blah.... - I'm just going for a visualization thing). Is there anyway to assign a single depth value to individual layers so that I can visualize the layers in 3D?

On a similar note, has anyone figured out a way to plot geologic cross-sections in 3D relative to other maps, subsurface or surface?



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    There isn't currently a way to display imagery layers in the 3D viewer at an elevation other than the top-most terrain elevation layer. Currently all that you can get in the 3D view is the top-most terrain surface at any location along with any 3D vector features also displayed in space. We are planning additions to the 3D viewer, hopefully in the near future, to display multiple surfaces and continue expanding functionality from there.


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