How to move feature label to attribute field

chuckyeager69chuckyeager69 Global Mapper UserPosts: 14Trusted User
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I have a point feature where they put the elevation at the label. How do i move the label to the attribute field for elevation?


  • dcoggindcoggin Global Mapper User Posts: 259Trusted User
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    Assuming the label is already an attribute, select the layer in the control center, select Options at the bottom, and on the first tab choose "Get elevations from attribute" and select the label's attribute name -- probably NAME. You can then export and select the option to Generate 3D Features . . . and the new file should include the elevation. For a shapefile the exported file will include the new elevation as an ELEVATION attribute. You could also copy the label value to an ELEVATION parameter by right clicking on the layer in Control Center, choosing CALC ATTR and copying the label to a new ELEVATION attribute (or whatever you desire) and, like before, using the options to set that as the attribute for elevation.

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