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I've searched around for this and can't seem to find a solution, which is likely more indicative of my inadequacy than of the tool/community.

Given a layer with elevation information and ability to calculate sun position based on location/date/time, how does one create shadows that can be exported as a vector layer (shp, text, etc.)? This seems to be a hybrid case between using the daylight shader and viewshed tool?


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    You could likely do this using the view shed, at least kind of. You would treat the sun as a transmitter and place it far away on the map in the direction that the sun is and at a height that would put it at the appropriate angle in the sky. Then if you select the view shed option to show where the transmitter isn't visible that would be the shadows. However this isn't quite idea. We are planning on some type of true sun-light feature in a future release that would automate this. The daylight shader is no help at all, it only uses the terrain angle based on the immediately surrounding cells, it is a true shadow-generator.


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    We are planning on future some of true sun-light feature in a future release that would automate this .
    Source : Friv .
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    I appreciate the response and look forward to future enhancements that may support this. Thanks!
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