Enhanced Overlay Grouping in Overlay Control Center

Marc GrahamMarc Graham Global Mapper UserPosts: 13Trusted User
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Hi there,

Currently when you can group layers one deep, and while this is great, what we would like to do is have groups of groups. This would help in organizing sets of basedata, for example:

Topo (Group)
--50k (Group)
----Overlay 1 (.tiff)
----Overlay 2 (.tiff)
----Overlay 3 (.tiff)
--250k (Group)
----Overlay 4 (.tiff)
----Overlay 5 (.tiff)
Imagery (Group)
--Satellite (Group)
----Overlay 6 (.tiff)
----Overlay 7 (.tiff)
--Aerial Photography (Group)
----Overlay 8 (.tiff)
----Overlay 9 (.tiff)


Marc :D


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