Splitting area features.

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I downloaded and registered my new version 14.0 today. I cannot get the split area feature at selected Vertices to work. Not sure I like the way the menus work either, seems to be a lot of stuff that used to take on click that now takes two.



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    The Split Area at Vertices option seems to work ok for me. I did notice that it wasn't consistently under both the Vertex and Crop/combine/Split submenus like it should be, but I've fixed that.

    The new Favorites toolbar is meant to address the issue of the extra clicks required by the new organization of the right-click menus. With the Favorites toolbar you can have one-click access to any of the right-click menu options and also assign shortcut keys to them for even faster access.


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  • daver819daver819 Global Mapper User Posts: 28Trusted User
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    Thanks for checking it out. I never looked under the Vertex menu because I was splitting. I did figure out the favorites thing after my complaint. That may be a better alternative than in the past because you can eliminate things you never use.

    Do I need to download a new build?
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