Path cannot be found loading multiple tiffs, but they open fine using a map catalog?

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I am trying to load a bunch of tiffs located on an external attached to a NAS. After loading the first tiff, I get "path cannot be found". If, however, I create a map catalog and add the tiffs to it, they open just fine. I've never had this problem with Global Mapper until this week. The NAS is new, so I don't know if there's some reason GM can't find the path through the NAS, but if so why would it work with a map catalog? Any idea what's going on?



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    That is strange. If you load the TIFF files with File->Open All Files in Directory Tree does that work while selecting them individually with normal File->Open Data File does not?


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  • John SpeargasJohn Speargas Global Mapper User Posts: 8
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    Even stranger, the problem seems to have gone away all by itself. Perhaps it was some strange network glitch. If it returns, I'll try to get more details.

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