Baythymetry river/lake elevation

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I am trying to create an elevation grid from Baythymetry(water depth for a lake) information that has elevation data in feet. Global Mapper creates the grid but changes the elevation so that the grid is much higher than the elevations provided from the Baythymetry data. How do I keep the same elevation? In the Elevation Grid Creation Options, I choose feet. The depth of the lake ranges from about 500' to 680' above sea level. After the grid is produced the elevation grid is about twice as big (1000' to 1500'). I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Pleas help.



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    It seems like GM interpreted your bathymetry data as being in units of meters. In Control Center click on the bathymetry data layer, then choose Options, and make sure that the "Elevation Units for Unspecified . . ." is in feet if that is correct. It sounds like GM converted your data which it thought were in meters to feet. I've made this mistake a few times.

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    That did the trick. Thank you. I actually thought of that on my way home.
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