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Add Building/Berm To DTM Surface

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I have 2 similar DTM editing questions:

I would like to edit a building into an existing DTM. (Add shape at constant elevation and drape to a DTM) I created an area of the building footprint and added attribute to the area of “ELEVATION” = 450 ft’ for the building height. When I hit “Advance feature creation options”, then “Terrain- Create/flatten terrain” from advanced feature creation options”, it fills down to zero instead of up to 450', because Im guessing the area was drawn at elevation 0? I tried “apply elevation of terrain layers to selected features” but now I just have a building pad. How do I overwrite the elevation of an area, after it is drawn?

Similarly, I want to draw a berm, of height 3’ relative to the DTM. After drawing the area and hitting, “apply elevation of terrain layers to selected features” how do I add the additional 3’ into the DTM to create my berm? (I want to create a shape of a constant height relative to the DTM while elevation varies).




  • global_mapper
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    It sounds like you are doing the right thing, you just need to check the option to make your elevations relative to the ground height when you create/flatten the terrain so that the elevation attribute values that you specify ('450 ft' and '3 ft' respectively) are treated as relative to the terrain and added at each location rather than treated as absolute. Also maybe check the vertex list of the area and make sure there aren't per-vertex elevations added that may cause confusion as they would take priority over the per-vertex elevations.


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    Perfect. I never knew about the vertex list. Thanks Mike
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