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Global Mapper 9.01

When exporting vector data to MicroStation DGN file, and your projection set for State Coordinate Plane in Oklahoma. The master projection header with MicroStation GeoGrapahics will always display a WSG84 zone 10. This projection is located out in California. I haven’t experience this problem with raster image or DEM.

Where does Global Mapper obtain the information in generating a DGN file? Is there a default seed file being used to create this data?


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    Global Mapper does not write any projection information to new DGN files that are generated, so I don't know where MicroStation is getting that projection information. Perhaps it is a default setting for your projection in MicroStation or something. I would assume that you can configure that in MicroStation.

    Global Mapper does not use a seed file for DGN generation. It simply generates a new DGN file from scratch for each export based on the settings on the export dialog.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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