Times projection parameters (John Moir, 1965)

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Hi Mike,
Can you provide more information about Times projection built in GM? I want to create a Tissot's indicatrix of this projection and I discovered that I can do this with Flex Projector software. But Flex Projector does not have built in Times projection and I have to try to insert parameters manually...
Mayby you have better idea how to create Tissot's indicatrix - with GM?
I have another idea how to create something similar to Tissot's indicatrix - it can be a shape file with a grid of equal area circles spreaded all over the world (ex circles with radius 500km spaced every 10 degrees). If I have such file I can open it in any projection and the circles should change its shapes depending on projection/position - but I do not know how to create such grid...
Best regards
Wojtek from Poland


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    It's a special projection similar to Gall Stereographic. It's not based on some other projection, so you can't really just add it with parameters to other software.

    I wonder if you can create the Tissot's indicatrix in GM by creating a regular grid of lines spaced some degrees apart (make sure you are in Geographic projection), then create points at the grid intersections. Once you have those points, select them then create range rings centered on those points (you can create them centered on each selected point all at once). Then if you reproject you should see the distortion of each range ring for the selected projection.


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    Hi Mike,
    Your proposal to create a Tissot's indicatrix in GM works great. Thanks!
    Best regards
    Wojtek from Poland
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