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Add path to tiles in Google Earth kml Index File

GeoBobGeoBob Global Mapper UserPosts: 26Trusted User
edited September 2012 in Suggestion Box
Would it be possible to add the full path to the tiles in the kml index file written by GlobalMapper? This would be very useful if one tries to edit the kml or combine with other layers. Currently I have to manually search for the 'href' and then replace to add the path.

Thanx :D

Bob S.
Calgary, AB


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
    edited September 2012

    Are you referring to the <href> tag value inside the <Link> tag of the <NetworkLink>? I'm concerned that making it a full path would make the index KML no longer portable just by keeping the images in the same location relative to the KML file. If the full path was there and not a relative path then you could just put the whole thing on a web site or something, you would have to change the KML any time you moved it at all. If all of your images are in the same place when you initially create the KML could you just do a search and replace on '<href>' and replace it with '<href>full_path'?


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  • GeoBobGeoBob Global Mapper User Posts: 26Trusted User
    edited September 2012

    I see the downside of what I am proposing. However, if I try to create a collection of kml index created by GM that are in different directories and store this main kml file outside any of those directories, the link to the tiles is broken because there is no path linkage.

    I foolishly assumed Google Earth would look for the tile in local directory if it could not find it at path specified so I did not see the harm I was proposing.

    I might be stuck with my global 'search and replace' method. :(

    Thanks for looking into it.
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