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Dear Forum: I wonder if it is possible to make multiple profiles within GM. For example: the fact of having supericie topographic and geoid undulation to an area (imagine two overlapping layers of information, style DEM), I want to know if cutting field can be obtained from simultaneous cross-sections of both surfaces.
From already thank you very much.

Estimados del foro: quisiera saber si es posible realizar dentro de GM multiples perfiles. Por ejemplo: teniendo el dato de la supericie topografica y de la ondulación de geoide para una zona (imaginen 2 capas de información superpuestas, estilo DEM), quiero saber si cortando en terreno se puede obtener en simultaneo la sección del corte de ambas superficies.
Desde ya muchas gracias.


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    You would currently have to do 2 separate path profiles, one with a different layer on top. Another option is you have a line path already drawn is to add per-vertex elevations to it from the top layer using the Digitizer Tool, then turn off that top layer, select that line, then right-click and select to show a path profile of the line. You should see the 3D path of the line from the elevations in the top layer, with the path profile from the currently activated layer also shown.


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