I need an expert's opinion an a Google Map project!

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I'm paying to have a website built. It's a jobs board and it's going to use Google Maps. Here's how:

1) Employers upload their job advertisement. While registering their vacancy, they'll select i) whether the job is 'full' or 'part' time, ii) the start time 'morning', 'noon' or 'night' and iii) the type of contract 'permanent' or 'temporary'. These of course aren't the real categories I'm using -- that would take too long to type out. Suffice to say, there are 5 fields for the employer to complete, each with about 4 or 5 variables.

2) Next, they select a location from a drop-down list. The locations have already been tied to GM co-ordinates.

3) Done. Now when a job seeker loads up our Google Map, they'll see the various jobs plotted on the map -- what I want to do is create a sidebar to filter these jobs. Like this one:


I'm sure it cost a fortune to put together -- but the check boxes further down the sidebar are what I'm interested in. In your opinion, having seen this kind of thing developed, how much would it cost to have this created for me? There'd be no sliding search controls, only check boxes (like the ones used for 'Accommodation Type', 'Facilities' etc. on the sidebar), and there'd be 4 separate categories, with 2-4 different variables in each.

Would this cost an absolute arm and a leg? How long do you think it would take?

Thanks so much for your help, I'd appreciate your honest opinion.



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    Save yourself a lot of time and money by using a ready-to-go solution that has already been developed. I did some searching and came across this Wordpress Job Board theme:


    It has many of the features you were looking for (like Google maps integration). Plus, by using the Wordpress framework, you could easily find a developer who could tweak or develop a custom plugin to sort jobs like your example above.

    To hire a developer to do this on your own you are talking thousands of dollars. Or you can purchase the theme for $100, host the site at Hostgator for $5.00 a month you'll be up and running by this afternoon (let me know if you need help with the Wordpress or theme install...I've done a few (dozen)).
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