Improper display of .sid aerial

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When viewing some .sid aerials, Global Mapper is not deciphering the projection correctly. The .xml says they are in FL State Plane/NAD83 HARN. If I open a single sid file, Global Mapper does not ask the projection when opening and assigns the correct State Plane projection and zone, but has the Datum as American Samoa 1962 - NADCON. ArcGIS assigns the correct projection and datum when opening the same file. Also, I initially read in a directory of these aerials to construct a map catalog. When looking at the Modify Map Catalog dialog and selecting the Modify Display of Raster Layers button, the displayed Projection is Geographic, WGS84. I thought I could straighten out the map catalog using that dialog, but that seems to have no effect when I change the projection there.

I'm using v14.0 beta, but 13.2 does the same thing.

I'll email one of the sid files with the other associated files to the support email. Thanks for looking at it.



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