v14 Digitizer EDIT tool to top level digitizer menu

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I would think the digitizer EDIT option would be worthy of being on the top level context menu on v14. I don't know if that matches with the way most use it, but it seems like that to me. I haven't figured out the favorites list yet, though.



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    I'll have to look at this more. I see the EDIT on the main menu for most selections, but it was missing when selecting features sometime. I'll be more specific once I see it again.

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    I see now that the EDIT option is not on the top level menu for area features, but it is for line and point features.

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    I started this Thursday and was waiting to post until I used it more, but since the subject the "Favorites" function came up, it seems appropriate here. (I see now that the missing "Advanced Selection" option is fixed, so disregard that.)

    [I just started fooling around with V 14 beta. Here are a couple of initial observations/suggestions.

    The "Advanced Feature Selection" menu seems to be missing. This is a very handy set of functions. I'm sure it just got neglected somehow.

    Since GM took the plunge to add a new "Terrain Analysis" main tab, perhaps this could be done for the "Export" options as well. Besides "Open Data", this is for me the most used option in the new shorter "File" menu, and now it has an extra menu step. I know that by convention "Export" is a "File" function, so if that's not desirable, maybe it could then be in it's own separate vertical grouping in the menu, like "Run Script", making it quicker to spot and access.

    The convenience of the Favorites menu is somewhat offset by it's maintaining alphabetical order in the selected functions. Order selection would really help. Also, the ability to save and load different setups (like with projections or palettes) for certain types of jobs would be useful. Automatic adding to the setup list based on use should probably be optional. (I'm guessing here that the future "programmable keystrokes" you mention will augment this feature.) Is it supposed to get "remembered" between instances?

    I'm still finding that creating a line feature from watershed area features (then combining/cropping/editing as necessary) produces a ridge line superior to the "inverted topography" method; but I can see how that would be difficult (or impossible) to program.]

    I agree with David about "Edit" being the most easily accessible item in menus. Having it at the top of Favorites is swell, it saves a menu step. I'll keep trying things, but my export limit has run out.

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    Thank you for your comments. The EDIT command was indeed in the wrong place (the Move submenu) for single area selection. I've got that fixed now so it should be at the top level just like for other features.

    I also added the bottom-level export options to the available Favorites toolbar so you can add those there as part of the favorites setup. The Favorites list is ordered right now with the ones that you explicitly selected at the top (and within alphabetical order in those), then the automatically added below that, then the general setup options at the bottom. There is an option in the bottom part to setup favorite shortcut keys, but I'm not done with that yet so it won't work if you try it. You can see the interface though. With that you will be able to assign shortcut keys to any favorite item, so you could always make your most commonly used export option a single keystroke away.

    One other thing that's been there a while that you might not know is that you can double-click on a feature in the Digitizer Tool and automatically select and edit the feature at the cursor location.

    I have placed a new build at http://www.globalmapper.com/global_mapper14.zip with the latest changes for you to try. Simply download that file and extract the contents into your existing v14.xx installation folder to give it a try. If you are using the 64-bit v14 version there is a new build at http://www.globalmapper.com/global_mapper14_64bit.zip .

    Also if you guys want to email your machine ID to gmsupport@bluemarblegeo.com I can send you an unlimited expiring license so you can more fully test.


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