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Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot my problem on creating contours was solved. it did work on version 13, however, i had a problem now with labels, is there a way that i can set distance on how to add my labels? Right now, a lot of them are added even on small isolation areas? Hope you could help me?



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    If you go to the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog you can first make sure the option to 'Always Display All Labels' is checked. This will prevent you from getting any overlapping labels and also reduce the number of duplicate labels you will see in a particular region of the screen.

    If you want full control you can either split up your lines and remove the label from some (or set the label to only display at a very tiny fixed height in meters), or perhaps create points from the lines using the Digitizer Tool, then turn off the line labels and move the point labels wherever you want.


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