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i have a lidar file and i want to generate contours at 0.25m interval with the index to be 1.0m. How can i configure that?



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    Just grid the Lidar file when you load it (or right-click on it in the Control Center after loading and select to grid it), then once you have a grid use the File->Generate Contours menu command to generate the 0.25m contours. Specify the 'Minor Contour Interval' as 4 to get every 1m contour as intermediate/minor contours. Maybe set the major interval to 20 so that every 5m you get a major contour.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot, it did work on version 13, however, i had a problem now with labels, is there a way that i can set distance on how to add my labels? Right now, a lot of them are added even on small isolation areas? Hope you could help me?

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