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I'm trying to split a big area ( a region ) feature into many small areas subdivided by some line ( the streets ). I tryed a lot of possibilities but didn't find the right one. I found that, if you select a line and an area, you can use the function "crop selected area to selected line" , but this works only whit one line. I tryed also transforming the streets lines into areas ( using buffer function ) and then use the function "cut selected area from another area ( add island ) but also this one didn't give me the desired results.
I would like to ask if there is a way to obtain my purpose.
Best regard, Marco


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    The cut area to line option does only work with one line at a time as you noted. If you want to cut an area based on a road network, the only way I can think of to do that basically at once is to export your rendered image with the background area one color and the lines another to a raster image, like a GeoTIFF, then load that back in and right-click on the image in the Control Center and select the create equal value areas. Select the area color as the only color to create new areas from, thus giving you a new area feature for each piece of the original not covered by a line. The areas won't quite touch though as they will have gaps the line width (in pixels) apart.


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    Many thanks for the fast and exaustive answer: this way works really well!!!
    Regards Marco
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