Color borders for features exported as shapefiles

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In my project I have 3 layers each containing features with different color borders. One layer all features are bordered in red, one in green, and one in blue. When I exported the data in vector format as a shapefile I split the export based on feature layer name. When I loaded the resulting shapefiles in Global Mapper to view them, all of the layers were fine except only the features with a red border displayed with the original color borders. Is there a way to preserve the features exactly as created while exporting as shapefiles or are only certain colors possible?



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    If you have the latest release, there is an option when exporting Shapefiles to include attributes to indicate the style that Global Mapper will recognize (there is not a standard way to store style information for Shapefiles). If you check that when exporting, you can then load those files back in and the original styling should be applied. Note that styling won't be applied in other applications though, again because Shapefiles don't have any standard way to store style information.

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    Thanks Mike.
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