Resizing grids in imagery without running another "Export Image"?

VikVik Global Mapper UserPosts: 14
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I have a set of jp2 imagery that consists of 256 jp2 grids. Is there a way in Global mapper to convert this set into a fewer number of grids (e.g., having 100 jp2 files instead of 256) without having to go through a time-extensive "Export Raster/Image Format" command? I am currently using v12.2, the 64 bit version. Thanks!


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    There isn't any way to join those up other than doing the export to stitch them together and resample them. You could create a map catalog from them (File->Create New Map Catalog) and let it manage them rather than doing it yourself though if that is easier. The map catalog doesn't require a new export.


  • VikVik Global Mapper User Posts: 14
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    Mike, I was afraid of that. Unfortunately, I can't use the map catalog, as I need the jp2 set fed into another application. Thanks for your help. Guess I'll have to continue with the export.
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