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How to resize downloaded GeoTIFF maps

lettuce Global Mapper User
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As I needed topo maps for a certain area (about 160 km2) I decided to divide the area into 8 segments (consequently, 8 maps) aiming to produce less files, but still retain a decent work surface. When downloaded, each TIFF file was c. 24000 x 10000 which is too cumbersome and takes too long to load (even in a simple image viewer). I'd like to resize the maps to 40% of the size, but keep them georeferenced in the process (as I've generated projection files during download). I can't seem to find such an option in GM. Any ideas?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited August 2012
    You can easily do this, just load the data, then use File->Export Raster Data to export a new GeoTIFF file and specify a slightly larger sample spacing (say 1.5 meters in each direction if the original was 1.0 meters, or maybe 50% larger in each direction). That will resample to a new file that is about 40% or so of the original size.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • lettuce
    lettuce Global Mapper User
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    Exactly what I need! The original was 0.44, so I set it to 1.

    Thank you very much, I wasn't familiar with that option.
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