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I have elevation data and horizontal alignment parh i just want to slope analysis with 15<x<20 degree AND >20 degree slopes then make a report each 100 m AND intersection point like below:
X | Y | Elevation diff. | Measure

Is that possible?
Thanks in advance


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    What you could do is first select your line path with the Digitizer Tool, then right-click and select the Advanced Feature Creation submenu option to Resample/Split at some interval and split the line into 100m (or whatever you need) segments. Then, select those new segments (they should already be selected by default), then right-click and select to calculate elevation statistics for the features. That should add attributes to each line with things like the average slope and min/max/avg elevation from the loaded terrain. You can then right-click and choose to display feature measurements and see a list similar to what you are after.


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