Have 2 overlapping areas - Need to delete 1 including the overlap area

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Below is a graphic of the 2 subject areas. I need to end up with a single file containing the orange area. I've tried every combination I can think of as far as exporting vector format, to no avail.

I need to do A minus B. Thanks for any help!


  • beppingtonbeppington Global Mapper User Posts: 5
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    Sorry - I think I got it already. (so much for thinking I tried everything :o)

    Load both files.

    Highlight the area to be removed.

    Right-click & click "Cut Selected Area(s) from Another Area (Add Islands)

    Left-click the area to keep. A window pops up asking "Would you like to mark the area features being removed as deleted once they are removed from/added as islands to the new parent features?" Click "Yes"

    All done. Save or Export as needed.
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