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Burmese coordinate grid -- translate to GPS?

Jason Wong
Jason Wong Global Mapper User
I do not have much knowledge about GIS and coordinate systems, but since this is the best resource I have come across, I am wondering if any of you can point me the way to translate this type of grid to GPS. The coordinate system is from a Burmese land map, outlining a concession of 30,000 acres. I am thinking it is probably from a old map system used by the british (who left 50 years ago). Myanmar could not have created a completely new system and there must be a transcription to GPS coordinates somewhere on the web but after hours of digging I cannot find any information on it.

I get that the letters stand for the points of the area, but I have no idea on the numbers. The horizontal axis runs from 55 to 75, but those are just probably numbered blocks. The closest thing I've come across is something to do with cadastral maps.

Anyway if you guys have seen anything like this before or can connect me with someone who can, I will be very appreciative.

Thank you


  • global_mapper
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    I'm not sure what the grid system is, but you can certainly try rectifying the image against another known map for the same area to get it positioned. I would use some of the online sources that have data for the area, like maybe World Topo Maps or World Street Maps, maybe even World Imagery, and select common points at stream junctions that likely haven't changed position. Spread a few of those around the map and change the rectification projection so something like UTM for that area that is probably close to the original map grid in shape, then see if that puts the map where you need it.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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